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Kai & Juanita 2012

Welcome to No More Reactions, a parent’s journey through the world of childhood allergies. In my child-free moments I will upload my top 8 allergen free recipes for you to enjoy.

Born in Australia in 2010, my youngest son known here as Kai has inspired this blog which documents our personal journey through the world of childhood allergies.

Kai has taught me a lot about trusting a child’s innate knowledge on what foods are safe for his body. A six month old who spits out mashed banana? A seventh month old who refuses mashed avocado? A two year old who has always thrown broccoli off his plate? Have you ever known such a child? Ok, so throwing broccoli off a plate might not be too hard to believe, which is why I kept dishing it up on Kai’s dinner plate… until I thought I should get him tested for broccoli. Could he be allergic to it? Yes. In fact, yes, he was. Of course.

The known allergic reactions Kai has suffered with food and to which he has had positive IgE test results have been to the following: Peanut, macadamia nut, egg, dairy, wheat, barley, rye, lentils, red kidney beans, pineapple, kiwi fruit, banana, avocado, sesame, and broccoli. He reacts to food colourings (not sure which ones), and sulphites (food preservatives 220-228). Unfortunately, he also suffers allergic reactions to dust mites, cat, saw dust, chlorine (swimming pools), and unknown pollens. He has had severe reactions when on cephalexin antibiotic (Keflex, used to treat the eczema staph infections he suffered as a one year old), as well as unknown reactions. His symptoms range from the mild to severe: itchy eyes and runny nose, irritability, sweating, tummy cramps, eczema, asthma attacks, vomiting, diarrhoea, facial swelling, hives, and throat closure.

Unfortunately, in early 2014 he was diagnosed with idiopathic anaphylaxis after averaging one severe allergic reaction every week for six weeks straight, with an unknown cause. He is back on daily antihistamines and we have implemented a gut healing diet high in probiotics and bone broths. Although he has had minor random reactions since, he has not had any severe allergic reactions thankfully. Touch wood.

I have suffered mothers’ guilt, just like many allergy-mums, and have learned some truths the hard way. The important ones are these: Force feeding is a big no-no; giving him the choice on whether he wishes to try a food for the first or second time is a must.

Our diet plan has five core guidelines: Avoid all allergic foods and those which produce an adverse reaction until future re-testing and food trials show no more reactions; provide nutritionally rich alternative foods, including as many safe, simple foods as possible (gluten free grains and seeds, fruit, vegetables, meats, and safe legumes); avoid or limit store-bought processed foods; introduce a new food item when another adult is available to take care of Kai’s sibling if Kai needs a trip to ER; and try not to give more than one new food per 2-3 days.

My dream is that Kai will outgrow his numerous food and environmental allergies so that the only news I post here will be good news: no more reactions!  However, I will not stop providing support to those parents and children who are on this same difficult and sometimes overwhelming journey of childhood allergies. I hope my journal, our story, the top 8 allergen-free recipes and other products I provide will benefit you on your challenging journey.

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