Green it up Juice

Let’s juice it – Part 2. Green it up!

Green it up! Green juices. I admit, I am new to juicing. The first time I made a juice (see my Sweet Red post) it was quite, um, gross. It had a fluffy texture and had such a strong flavour that […]

No More Reactions One giant sweet potato

One giant sweet potato!

  It was just by chance that Kai’s big brother Jey put on his “Giants” shirt this morning. Who would have thought he would be helping me pull out one giant sweet potato from our little backyard veggie patch? This […]

Easter bunny Happy Easter NMR

How to have an allergy-friendly Easter

  It is that time of year again when well-meaning teachers, friends, family and total strangers offer baked goodies or chocolates to our children, and when you as an allergy parent, scramble for non-food ideas to help your child still […]

Banana Bread

Kai’s Sweet Banana Bread (gluten free and top 8 allergen free)

Soon after Kai turned three we decided to try him on banana again – one of his first noticeable allergens. Will he react? I had the antihistamines ready, the Epi-pen Jr on hand, and my husband home. We were ready. […]


How to use an Epi-Pen

The day I had to administer the Epi-Pen Jr on Kai was one of the most frightening days of my life, and I’m sure it was one of his as well! (You can read about that incident in the post, […]

Could it be kiwi?

What could it be?

Early in May we had a dreaded unknown reaction. The day was like any other: Kai played at home with his brother and then after lunch I took them to a local park to play with their friends. However, at […]


More allergens?

In addition to the peanut, egg and sesame allergies, I knew Kai was reacting to other foods that I was unable to pinpoint. Rather than waiting another few months for his next skin prick test (SPT), at 19 months I […]

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