Zesty Chickpea Muffins

Zesty Chickpea Muffins – Egg free, Nut free, Gluten free. Great for lunch boxes!

Looking for a nut free and egg free nutritious, filling snack to throw in the kids’ lunch boxes? Or do you wish you had a quick easy breakfast you can eat on the way to work or school drop-off? Then […]

Gluten free, Egg free, Dairy free Heavenly Chocolate Cake

Gluten free, Egg free, Dairy free Heavenly Chocolate Cake recipe

  Whip up this heavenly chocolate cake for your next celebration. This soft, fluffy chocolate cake will put you on a sugar and chocolate high. It is hard to believe it is gluten free, egg free, dairy free and has […]

Gluten Free Shortbread (Egg free, Dairy free)

Kai’s Gluten Free Shortbread (GF, EF, DF)

  Yum! Can I have some more shortbread please? This was my non-allergic five year old’s response after he devoured the first gluten free shortbread I gave him. Success! I was the lucky one to try the first ‘bikkie’ from […]

Gluten free Danish bread (Egg free, no gums)

Kai’s Gluten free Danish bread (Egg free, no gums)

Teff. To add some variety to Kai’s gluten free breads I decided to experiment with teff.  Apparently high in calcium, protein, and dietary fibre, it was a grain (or rather, seed) I wanted to include in Kai’s diet. I also […]

Mini hamburgers - Gluten free, vegan, rice free

Mini-Hamburger Buns – #GlutenFree, vegan, rice free

  Psyllium husk For these hamburger buns you need to get your hands on some psyllium husk. I found some at our local supermarket in the health food section. If yours does not stock it, try an online health food […]

Chia as an egg replacer for binding

The wonderful world of CHIA

If you thought every cake mix needed eggs, think again! You can still bake your favourite cake for someone with an egg allergy by using chia and a little more of your preferred rising agent. Chia as a binder Chia […]

Sweet Red - No More Reactions

Let’s juice it – Part 1. Adding vegetables and fruit to a fussy three year old’s diet.

  A three year old fussy child = a vegetable and fruit avoider. A three year old highly allergic fussy child = a voluntary carnivore. So how do you get a three year old carnivore to devour fruit and vegetables? […]

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