Gluten free milo – at last


GlutenFree MILO NMRGrowing up in Australia Milo was always an afternoon treat. Our mother would only allow us to have one teaspoon of this delicious malt flavoured supplement in our milk. So what do siblings do? We frantically race to find the biggest spoon we can and dive into the tin of milo, fighting over who has found the largest ‘teaspoon’ and then reporting to Mum that so-and-so took a TABLESPOON of Milo!!  One tin never lasted long in our house.

My addiction to Milo continued into adulthood. I still cannot resist having ‘one’ (umm four) teaspoons of Milo mixed with milk after my lunch. When my eldest son saw me dive into this tin, he wanted to try some. Why not? But the issue arose when my second son, Kai, saw his brother having some and wanted to try it too.  The conversation went something like this:

“Mummy am I sick to Milo?”

“Um, I’m not sure Kai. Let’s look at the ingredients.”

We get out the tin to read the ingredients. Of course two year old Kai cannot read, but teaching him where to find ingredients on a label will be an important and necessary skill he will need growing up in a world of food allergies.

“Extract of malted BARLEY and rice or WHEAT… MILK solids, sugar, cocoa, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron), maltodextrin (corn), vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, D), emulsifier (SOY lecithin). I’m sorry Kai, it has barley, wheat and milk in it. Can you have this Kai?”

“No. I’m sick to barley and wheat and cow’s milk.”

“That’s right Kai. But maybe I could make you some special Milo that won’t make you sick. Would you like me to me to make you some?”


So now that he’s all excited, let’s see if I can actually make a milo equivalent that is safe for him! I check out the ingredients again. It basically has grains, sugar, cocoa and bits and pieces of stuff. It is brown and finely textured, and smells like… milo. I can do this. I NEED to do this for Kai.

I get out coconut flour as the base, linseeds to give fibre, protein, and colour, coconut sugar not only for its low fructose sweetness but also for its added mineral content, and 100% pure cocoa for that great chocolatey flavour. I toss the lot into my Thermomix and blitz it for around 20 seconds. And voila!

Kai’s gluten free, dairy free MILO!


GlutenFree MILO NMR

“YUM! How much can I have?”

“Just one teaspoon Kai!”


“Um, tomorrow Kai.”

I see history repeating itself.




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Kai’s Milo (GF, DF, SF) – Thermomix method

Serves 60
Prep time 2 minutes
Dietary Gluten Free, Top 8 allergen free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Meal type Beverage, Dessert
By author Juanita
This deliciously smooth and nutritious gluten free and dairy free milo can be mixed with cold milk of your choice, or sprinkled generously over dairy-free ice-cream for a subtle chocolatey flavour.


  • 80g Coconut flour
  • 50g Coconut sugar
  • 35g Cocoa (100% pure)
  • 15g Linseed (Flax)


Step 1. Mill coconut sugar and linseeds for 1 minute at Speed 9. Scrape down the sides of the bowl.
Step 2. Add the coconut flour and cocoa and mix for 15 seconds at Speed 6, scraping down the sides of the bowl and mixing for a further 10 seconds, Speed 6.
Step 3. Store in an air tight jar or tin in the fridge. Enjoy!


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