Chia as an egg replacer for binding

The wonderful world of CHIA

If you thought every cake mix needed eggs, think again! You can still bake your favourite cake for someone with an egg allergy by using chia and a little more of your preferred rising agent. Chia as a binder Chia […]

Kai's Choice Chocolate Cake (GF, EF, DF)

Kai’s Choice Chocolate Cake (GF, EF, DF) – with a little bit of hidden goodness

My mission: to create a delicious chocolate cake free of the top 8 allergens (especially wheat, eggs, milk, and butter) that could be served up at birthday parties and which could be enjoyed by EVERYONE, not just Kai on his […]

GlutenFree MILO NMR

Gluten free milo – at last

  Growing up in Australia Milo was always an afternoon treat. Our mother would only allow us to have one teaspoon of this delicious malt flavoured supplement in our milk. So what do siblings do? We frantically race to find the biggest […]

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