Mini hamburgers - Gluten free, vegan, rice free

Mini-Hamburger Buns – #GlutenFree, vegan, rice free

  Psyllium husk For these hamburger buns you need to get your hands on some psyllium husk. I found some at our local supermarket in the health food section. If yours does not stock it, try an online health food […]

Kai's Lush Lamingtons (GF, EF, DF)

Kai’s Lush Lamingtons (GF, EF, DF)

Kai’s Lush Lamingtons are simply divine. They are the softest, lightest, gluten free cakes I have made. This recipe does not need any gums or methylcellulose egg replacers to ‘fluff’ it up.  This too-hard-to-resist gluten free lamington is inspired by a vegan, wheat-based […]

Kai's perfect pancakes

Can I have a heart pancake please, Mummy? Introducing Kai’s Allergy Friendly Perfect Pancakes

These Allergy Friendly Perfect Pancakes are much too delicious for Kai to share. They are his most requested breakfast.  He excitedly grabs the cookie cutter out of the draw and waits for the first hot pancake to be flipped out […]

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